Fishing Location's and Rig's

Bass fishing is enjoyed by many people for the relaxation and the good fun bringing in a good bass. 

Bass's preferred bait is crab but razor,lug,sandeel and rag all work too. A good trace to use is a pennel rig or pulley rig. Spinners can also be used such as Kilty lures or Toby's.Bass are primitive creatures and can be hard to catch.


Pennel Rig

Pennel rigs are widely used for bass with crab as bait. In a pennel rig use a strong 1/0 - 2/0 hook. But pre-made pennel rigs can be bought . Using a grip lead is advised.

Pulley Rig

Pulley's rigs are also very good when baited with crab. In this rig use a strong 1/0 - 2/0 hook. Using a grip lead is advised.

Kilty Lures

Kilty lures can work very well for bass. They are just simply spinned using a light spinning rod. It is always worth a go to cast out a kilty lure or plug while you are bait fishing.

Maria Plug's

Plug's can be a quick and easy to use and come in handy if you fun out of bait. Plugs can be very simple to use, all you have to do is cast them out and if you want let them drop a bit them real them in.


Garretstown Beach

Garretstown is located near Kinsale and is a good hot-spot for bass. It is advised to fish at night time as the beach can be full of people and surfers during the day. It doesn't necessarily  matter what tides you fish for bass on. The pennel rig would be good at Garretstown using a peeled crab or lugworm. A heavy grip lead would help but not necessary.  There is 2 beaches there and you can fish both. Be wary of the surfers as Garretstown beach is also a hot-spot for surfing, you could try going fishing on a day with little waves.


There are 2 places you can fish in Courtmacsherry, Culmain and Barren pier. Plugs,spinners and rig's can all be used here. There is an abundance of bass and you can also catch flounder here . For flounder you can use a beaded flowing trace with small pieces of mackerel. You can also catch Gilthead bream in the warm season.


Youghal is situated on the outskirts of Cork county and is a perfect hotspot for Bass and flounder. Crab and rag is perfect for the Bass and small pieces of mackerel for the flounder.

Inchydoney Beach

Inchydoney is about 1hours drive from cork city and is near the town of Clonakilty. Inchydoney can have many beach-goer's on sunny day's. Here you will find an abundance of bass and grey mullet. Sandeel,Crab and plugs/lures are great for bass here. If you want to try to catch a mullet ,  bread is the preferred bait. Catching mullet mightn't be as fun as catching bass but there can be more mullet and some people find mullet easier to catch.

Red Strand

Red strand is located near Galley head. Here you can catch Bass,Gilt-head bream,Golden grey Mullet and Flounder. For gilt-head bream you can use crab or lug and for for flounder you can use the same for Flounder. For the bass you can use and bait - plugs,crab, lug or rag etc.